"Creativity is nothing more than intelligence
that enjoys itself’
A. Einstein

Hello, I am Barbara Rapagnani and I am the creative director and CEO of the brand that bears my name. I was born and live in Civitanova Marche, the heart of one of the most important footwear districts in the Marche region and in Italy.


I was born the daughter of a footwear producer who has passed on to me over the years his love for high quality manufactured shoes, leaving me the greatest legacy: the experience, creativity and passion I put into my work.
I love creating iconic and perfect shoes, each with its own identity and strictly produced in my homeland.


My passion is shared with my life partner, my husband Luca, a great aesthete and first inflexible judge of my creations, a lover of the female hemisphere and everything that makes it stand out.
A world, the female world, which is the source of inspiration for our project, designed for contemporary women who divide themselves between many daily commitments and who, once they have removed their informal clothes and shoes, need to wear something precious that can communicate their mood, their femininity and their sensuality, entering a world where dreaming is still possible.


I like to think that each shoe in my collections is unconventional but goes beyond the schemes dictated by standardized fashions and I free my imagination in my independent research of shapes, materials and colors, while maintaining a luxury style unchanged over time….

“The beauty of things
exists only in the mind of the beholder”
David Hume

…….Pure luxury dictated exclusively by fine materials and careful Made in Italy workmanship has been the soul of my creations from the start, which represent many different worlds in both style and colors.

From the sketch to the drawing, from the selection of fine materials and the skillful craftsmanship of master artisans, shoes of high quality and surprising comfort come to life.

I carefully select and test each leather, preferring the best qualities and finishes of certified Italian tanneries, to create unique colour combinations.

Each heel is designed and customized as well as each sole, in genuine Italian leather, is embellished with the initials of my name in gold colored brass. An unexpected and impressive point of light to make each shoe even more precious.

Designed to be worn even for a whole day, the insole includes two layers of foam instead of one, so as to provide absolute wearing comfort even in the highest heels and to maintain constant the foot comfort…..

"Quality is never accidental, it is always the result of an intelligent effort.”
John Ruskin

……I love to enrich my shoes and sandals with precious details that enhance the femininity and seductive power of every woman and for this reason I make a careful choice of accessories that are always personalized and never banal.

Details that create movement such as soft metal chains that slip over the ankles like necklaces, detachable ruffles, voluptuous feathers produced for Venice Carnival masks and customized accessories that look like precious jewelry.

Even the packaging is an accessory just as unique as the creations that are inside. The shoes are delivered wrapped in a cloud of very soft tissue paper and carefully placed in our personalized “Barbara Rapagnani” box which includes two fabric shoe bags.

Aware of the high quality offered, Barbara Rapagnani guarantees her shoes for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

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